• Bico Bermúdez

    From 1985 to 1990 I lived in France working as architect and designer at the STACCO staging company. I designed, staged, performed and staged structures for artists such as Jean Michel Jarre, Johnny Halliday, Renaud, Jean Jacques Goldman, The Rolling Stones, Prince, Madonna, Deep Purple, Elton John, Santana and Michael Jackson among others.

    In 1990 I became managing partner at STACCO Spain, based in Barcelona.

    From 1987 to 2004, I was technical and infrastructural director of the "Leysin Rock Festival" in Switzerland. Simultaneously and during the Seville Universal Expo'92, I worked as Project Manager of the contents for various pavilions such as Navarra Pavilion, Tierras de Jerez Pavilion, XV Century Pavilion and Spain pavilion.

    In 1993 I designed and coordinated the Spanish general election campaign, the Arab Emirates Pavilion at the Lisbon'98 Expo and the Turkey Pavilion at the Aïchi Expo'05 in Japan.

    Other projects I've worked on are the "Mirage Multimedia Show" in Montreal'96, the "Oman Tatoo and Horse Show" in Muscat'95, the "Apostolo" in Santiago de Compostela in 1995, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2005 and 2006, the design and production of the "Imago Show" at the Switzerland Expo'02. Since 1996 I directed a large number of multimedia shows in Barcelona, Oman, Santiago de Compostela, Lyon, Montreal, Lausanne, Seoul, Korea or Japan. From 2007 to 2011 I was named creative director of the Andalucía Information Society Plan (Spain).

    And from 2007 to 2017 I was a founding partner and executive creative director of the Abbsolute Group.

    Today I own Bico Bermudez & Associates, always faithful to my tagline "Do it with an Architect".

Big Events

Open Air, S.O.S. Racisme (Paris 1985, 400.000 pax.) , J.M. Jarre , Bicentenaire de la Revolution Française (Paris 1989, 2.000.000 pax.), Real Madrid League Champion 2005 & 2012 (Madrid 80.000 pax.) Sevilla FC UEFA Champion 2015 & 2016 (Sevilla, 45.000 pax )


Alsacia-Mosela Memorial, Scenotecnia “la Guerre totale” (France 2005), Watch Museum (GPD. Jerez 1995), Wine Musuem (GPD. Jerez 1995), Blas Infante Museum (Grupo Abbsolute. Sevilla 2010)


International Universal Expo’92 Sevilla, Expo’98 Lisboa, Expo’02 Suiza, Expo’05 Japon, Expo’08 Zaragoza. Imaginning Florida (USA Tour, 2013), “TAPAS Spanish design for food” (USA,Japon,Corea, Mexico, Brasil, Slovenia and Spain 2014/2017)

Multimedia Shows

“Oman Tatoo" & “Horse Show” (Oman 1995), “Mirage” (Montreal 1996), ”Apostolo” Santiago de Compostela (’95, ’96, ’04, ’05, ’07), “Imago” (Expo’02), 5th Quijote Centennary, Consuegra New Year Chime (Spain 2005)

Events & Theming

Stunts Shows “El Motín”, Isla Mágica Theme Park (Sevilla 1997/2017), “Ave César” and “Barbarroja”, Terra Mítica Theme Park (Benidorm 2000), Software Libre (Málaga 2007), Encode (Málaga 2007)


Infrastructures and Technical Direction of “Leysyn Rock Festival” (Switzerland, 1987/1994), “Marlboro, Flavor of Racing” Roadshow (España 2003), Concerts production in France, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain and Argentina.

  • "I have worked with Bico for over 20 years now and haven't regreated it one single day"

    Boris Micka, borismicka.com

  • "Bico is with no doubt, the best spectacle architect that I have worked with"

    Lorenzo Bennassar, LorenzoBennassar.com

  • "Working with Bico has always been an overwealming experience"

    Jean Michel Jarre.